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HELLO I'M _Marina_: I'm here to help you all along on your roleplay journeys. I'm no pro, but I do know just a thing or two- and I'm always more than happy to assist you in any way that I can. If you desire anything that I offer, then please never hesitate to send a little something to my ask box! That's what I'm here for my loves, to help! Welcome to the land of, Electra Heart. -Marina♥


Justin Bieber & Barbara Palvin (Manip Hunt)


Count: 27 (includes one crackship gif)

♦None of these manips are mine, these are just for roleplaying/other purposes♦

I hope this is of help to you all! I’ll add more if I find some. Please like if using! -M


*Added this because it was way too cute not to.

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